Post on the world’s second largest search engine – No, it’s not Bing, and obviously Google is No. 1. I’m talking about YouTube. Videos are becoming more and more popular as a way to get your name out to the public because they have become easier to make. Case in point: a number of people are now creating video resumes to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Some people simply incorporate moving text and animation so their normal, everyday resume is a bit more exciting. Others try to tell a story with their resume text over stock footage. And still others directly address their audience as if they were hosting a talk show or interviewing for a specific position. This can help you to stand out not only because it’s so different from what everyone else is doing, but also because more people may be more willing to watch a video than read a resume or blog post. Oh, and one more thing, simply having a video raises your profile with the major search engines, meaning it will be easier for potential employers to find you.

To me youtube has done wonders for people wanting to meet famous people are to get famous yourself. So if you were to come up with something clever and make a video showing your skills and job related activities I really think it could boost your exposure. Like the article states there are 5 great ways to promote yourself and I really think YouTube is a great choice. Only if you use it right.


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  1. #pcm485 Matthew,
    I never thought people would use YouTube to advertise themselves to obtain a job. It’s actually a really good idea and I would prefer to listen to someone tell a story about themselves instead of reading a resume or a blog. I think it would be a good way to learn a little bit about a persons character and mannerism by listening to them. This was interesting to read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think a video resume is a great idea. One of the frustrations with posting a printed or pre-structured resume is that you aren’t able to communicate tone and affect. A video provides more context and depth than a “paper” summary. I like your thinking Matt.

  3. You made great points. Making videos and posting them on youtube can definitely get your name out there. I was intrigued by your blog and it was very interesting to read. Nice work.

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