What I have learned.

This class has taught me more about social media than I thought existed. I learned about promoting oneself and how hard it is. I learned how social media works, its much more than just posting stuff. I learned how to use social media to my advantage. I really enjoyed what this class was about. I wish you all the best and now just one class left. Have a great fall and winter everyone.



Post on the world’s second largest search engine – No, it’s not Bing, and obviously Google is No. 1. I’m talking about YouTube. Videos are becoming more and more popular as a way to get your name out to the public because they have become easier to make. Case in point: a number of people are now creating video resumes to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Some people simply incorporate moving text and animation so their normal, everyday resume is a bit more exciting. Others try to tell a story with their resume text over stock footage. And still others directly address their audience as if they were hosting a talk show or interviewing for a specific position. This can help you to stand out not only because it’s so different from what everyone else is doing, but also because more people may be more willing to watch a video than read a resume or blog post. Oh, and one more thing, simply having a video raises your profile with the major search engines, meaning it will be easier for potential employers to find you.


To me youtube has done wonders for people wanting to meet famous people are to get famous yourself. So if you were to come up with something clever and make a video showing your skills and job related activities I really think it could boost your exposure. Like the article states there are 5 great ways to promote yourself and I really think YouTube is a great choice. Only if you use it right.

Google +


I think this link will work.

Its for google plus. I will never use it because its just another site that doesn’t really do anything better than fb. IT was googles way to try and copy facebook. I wont ever use it. Its target audience is for honestly I do not know. Probably trying to steal fb people away. I think google + was to late to the game and will never be as big as facebook.

Cohiba Edicion Limitada 2006 Review

Cigar Name: Cohiba Edicion Limitada 2006
Cigar Size: Piramide, 6.1 x 52.
Wrapper Type: Cuban.

Originally released in 2001 as a limited release. This 2006 was the 5th year Habanos S.A. began offering limited edition cigars. I was lucky enough to be given this cigar from a fellow cigar enthusiast and personal friend.

Construction: 9/10

The color of the wrapper which is aged 2 years was dark and slightly oily. The wrappers veins were visible and had a slightly rough feel. The tobacco was rolled tightly and had a very clean cut. Only issue was slight unraveling near the cap and that could have been to the way it was stored.

Flavor: 23/25

The flavor was wonderful through the entire cigar. Another review said the flavor was that of toasted bread and I have to agree. It was not overwhelming and did not leave an aftertaste that was to strong. My go to cigar drink is a Arnold Palmer and it paired very nicely with the toasted bread taste. There were some other flavors coming through at different points but to be honest I am not the best at distinguishing them.

Draw: 7/10

The draw was good. Had no major issues. About 2/3 of the way through I had to relight and it was not as smooth as I like. The draw was better at the beginning than at the end.

Burn: 10/10

Burn was excellent stayed even the entire smoke. Only had to relight once and that was due to me talking and not puffing to keep it going.

Ash: 4/5

Ash was white and was able to make a few long ash runs of about an inch to inch and a half.

Smoke: 5/5

The smoke was nice and thick.

Impression: 28/35

I really enjoyed it and would smoke another, I never turn down a chance for a Cuban. I have never had a bad Cuban but then again I have only had two different Cohibas. Over all smoke was very satisfying and would recommend this to anyone who has the chance to smoke one. My Impression is based on all the other categories combined and that’s how I will  get my final rating.

Overall Rating: 86

Boy Genious Report

I visited BoyGeniousReport. It is a blog on technology. I am a huge technology buff and I always like reading about what is new, who is fighting who for sales, and just general technology nonsense. I always like reading about the battle between samsung and Iphone. I found this site useful because it keeps up to date on technology news. I have actually been to this site before and had forgotten about it. Now I wont. So if any of you like technology check this site out. http://bgr.com/